Everything you need for smart hospitality business

Add value with IoT and custom virtual assistant skills

A unique 5 star experience for your guests with tailored solutions for Smart Hospitality using well established IoT devices integrated with the most famous AI voice-enabled virtual assistant technologies.

The Benefit Of Being Smart

Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and customized virtual assistant skills powered by AI, secure Cloud infrastructure and APIs boost your business to the next level

According to the Wynn case study, the 85.6% of guests (vacation rentals) say that the Smart Hospitality is easy or very easy to use and 83.7% of the guests were happy or very happy with the service.

Personalize the guest experience

Speed up and secure the check in/out based also on guest requests. Furthermore your guest can ask to the virtual assistant for favourite meal, the weather condition, play a game, check out time and more amazing things.

Increase the revenues

Save money and time for you and your staff using smart IoT technologies with voice assistant. Enable direct secure payments, install IoT devices for energy efficiency, answer in then right way without loose time, optimize the cleaning time, create high value smart spaces.

Innovative Smart Interactions

Communicate with your guests through voice enabled virtual assistant device. Receive information, alert, requests, order integrating IoT devices, the virtual assistant and the most common App.

Amazing Guest Experience and 5 Star Reviews

Guests are inclined to leave positive reviews through innovative smart virtual assistant technologies living smart IoT spaces than traditional tools.

The Most Powerful System. Ask and Control Everything.

The Best Innovation in your Smart Rooms

The voice assistance technologies bring top of the line tech driven hotel user experience, by providing the services like information about the places, hotel services (virtual concierge, ordering food, room change etc), interact with the smart devices (thermostat, TV, lights, air conditioner, windows, curtains, etc), and have access to the third-party service information’s (air quality, temperature, news, music, etc).

Easy Configuration, Installation and Customization. Fast Support and Shipment.

Our Creativity and Experiences On Your Hands.

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Choose Your Favorite Style

IoT Worlds for Hospitality selects and provide the best devices, technologies and solutions for you. We are able to satisfy your needs developing also custom voice assistant skills.

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The best solution is the one that works for you and your guests!

We build the perfect project based on your needs selecting the best devices, integrating technologies and creating custom voice assistant skills.

The coloured guest experiences

They are not simple lights, they are smart lights!

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Enable Self and Smart Check In/Out!

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